Cardio First Or Lifting First?

metabolic workout Apr 22, 2019

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from people is whether they should do cardio first or lift first?

Now, before I answer that question I need to explain a few things…

     First, there are 3 different types of exercise. Anything you do, be it running a marathon, spinning or weight training, will always fall into one of 3 categories.


Category 1 -  Steady State

     The first type of exercise is called steady state. Anytime you are running, spinning or doing something for longer durations of time you are participating in a steady state exercise.  You’ll know you’re in steady state cardio when you can carry on a conversation. Steady state cardio is usually between 30-60 minutes. In steady state cardio both you heart rate and your metabolism increase.   

     At the end of the exercise session your heart rate will decrease, however your metabolism stays up for additional 15 minutes.  During that 15 minute duration your metabolism is still burning calories at an accelerated rate because it is working to bring your body back to a state of homeostasis. After that 15 minutes your metabolism will return to it’s normal level.   The total calorie expenditure will equal what you’ve burned during the session plus what you burned during that 15 minute time period.


Category 2 - Interval Training

     The second type of exercise is interval training, more specifically HIIT interval.  During a HIIT interval session your heart rate will increase and decrease, usually in regular intervals. It is identified by super high heart rates followed by a recovery period. The key with HIIT training is to give it all you gasping for breath give me the garbage can type of intensity during the ‘highs”.  Then you recover, and repeat the cycle.

     Like your heart rate, your metabolism will increase, but unlike your heart rate, your metabolism will stay elevated for the duration of the session.   While your heart rate will drop in the recovery periods your metabolism will not. At the end of the session your heart rate will return to normal, however your metabolism will stay elevated for up to 2 hours. During that 2 hour period your body is still burning calories at an accelerated rate.


Category 3 - Metabolic Workouts

     The 3rd type of exercise is a metabolic workout.  A metabolic workout is a workout specifically programmed to train your metabolism to stay high permanently through properly formatted weight training.

     Think of your metabolism like a muscle, it's not a muscle, but thinking of it in terms of a muscle will make what I am about to explain a lot easier to understand.  Just like you train a muscle to become stronger, you can train your metabolism to be faster! A fast metabolism will burn faster, harder and stronger, just like a muscle will.  

     During a category 3 workout your heart rate will increase and your metabolism will follow. During the session your heart rate will increase and primarily stay elevated, dropping only when you switch machines or exercises.   At the end of the exercise session your heart rate will recover but...and this is important...your metabolism will stay elevated for up to 48 hours!!!!  That is HUGE!

     For the next 48 hours your metabolism will stay elevated. Those are calories burned by doing nothing more than being home, cooking dinner or sleeping.  I am about 160 pounds that correlates to about a 4-5 mile run in calorie burn. If you weigh more it will represent more, if you weigh less it will be slightly less

     If you continually train using category 3 workouts you’re teaching your metabolism to stay stronger. Pretty soon your metabolism won’t drop as low at the end of the 48 hours. It will continue to burn longer and harder everyday.

     Another amazing benefit from incorporating category 3 workouts is that you won’t need to workout as frequently.  Because you’ll keep your metabolism elevated for up to 48 hours ...ummm, that’s 2 days, you won’t need to spend as much time in the gym.

     I used to be the girl that spend everyday at the gym busting my booty all.the.time.  Not anymore and it is not necessary when you workout using category 3 workouts. So to answer the question "What should I do first?"  The answer is...LIFT USING THE METABOLIC WORKOUT FORMULA!

     If your training with me, be it online or in person...I GOT YOU BOO!  This is what we are doing in every workout. #gotyoucovered

     If you are not training with me and want to learn more about these workouts click here to schedule some time...and lets talk about what's going on with you and I can guide you thru how to do these workouts and transform the way you look at your body and your gym time.



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