Don’t think your self sabotaging? If you’re doing any of these, then YOU ARE!

You may not think that you are self sabotaging, but if your engaging in any of these activities, then you are!

Waiting For Everything To Be Perfect Before You Make Your Move

     The first thing is waiting to be perfect.  I want you to know my friend, it is never going to be perfect. You are doing yourself a major disservice if you are waiting for it to be.
It just so happens that I’ve recently been in this situation, like last week. I wrote an ad, and in that ad I misspelled the word “YOU’RE”, instead I use the word “YOUR”. Common mistake, right?
I published the ad and the conversion was amazing. I was converting new leads at .82 cents per lead and I was getting upwards of 10, 20, 30 people converting into my opt-in daily. I didn’t even realize that I had misspelled that word...until one person made a comment about the misspelled word.
I wanted to immediately pull the ad down because I felt embarrassed.  Like, OMG I misspelled a commonly misspelled word.  That means I am horrible and awful, right?  WRONG!
I immediately checked myself and decided not to pull the ad down and instead to just own it. This ad is converting amazing. So far, hundred and hundreds of people had not even cared that I did not use an apostrophe in one word. And one person out of the thousands of people that saw this ad decided that it was so important for her to comment and point out the mistake. What did I do?  Nothing! Instead of being upset I owned it.  I just commented on her post and said "well it's a good thing I am a genius at weight loss and not proofreading!" 
And guess what, I did not die.  And I'm still getting new customers into my funnel every day thru this exact ad. Even though I had a misspelled word.  If  I had succumbed to self sabotage instead of self-growth I would have immediately taken the ad down or changed the copy (which completely screws with the algorithm) and retreated into my pillow in embarrassment never to start another ad again! 
Ask yourself, are you self-sabotaging and disguising it as being a perfectionist? Are you somebody who will not put your stuff out there because you're afraid it's not perfect or it's not ready to be seen yet or it's not done? If you fall in this category, my challenge to you is to put it out messy. Just letting the mess becomes your road to success. You will never grow. You will never start making money and you will never up level your business until you put out messy stuff.

Making An Offer And Then Ghosting The Audience

The second way that you self sabotage is making an offer and then ghosting the audience.
Your going thru all the effort of doing a live video or sending an email...once.  Then, out of self sabotage and being afraid that nobody will want to buy your stuff, you never mention the offer again.
Ghosting your audience.
You must continue to sell.  You must continue to show up for your audience and give, give, give, and offer, offer, offer. 
IF your engaging in this behavior, it is because you are afraid of rejection.
Boom!   There I said it.  You are afraid of rejection.
By ghosting your audience you are taking control of the situation instead of letting them "reject" you. When in reality they are not "rejecting" you...but it feels that way sometimes, right?
I suggest instead of thinking about your offer as something personal, think of it as something objective, something tangible. A product removed from you.  This way, if someone says "No", they aren't saying no you YOU, they are saying no to the PRODUCT"
This takes the personal right out of making an offer and allows you feel more comfortable in offering it over and over again.
 If you are falling into this category of self-sabotage try to commit to following up on your offers regularly. 

Not Pushing As Hard When You Get More Than What You Expected

This third way of self-sabotaging is slacking off when things go better than expected.
Sometimes, when things go a little better than we expected, maybe we make an extra sales or a launch goes particularly good, we have a tendency to do less because we have some wiggle room.  Some flexibility. Then we take some time off or don't work quite as hard in the upcoming weeks because...well hey, we already have more then we expected.  Things are good, right?
If you fall into this category of self sabotage then I challenge you to recognize this pattern and continue working hard even after the unexpected money flows in!

Doing Things That Distract You From Reaching Your Goal

The fourth way that you may be self-sabotaging is if you're  you're buffering or you're finding busy work to keep you from the things that are actually going to make you money. This is a form of self sabotage because  you’re scared of what other people think and you’re scared to put yourself out there. 
Instead of calling a potential client that will bring you $1000, you will check your Facebook stats. It's safer then the rejection you will get IF your client turns down your offer. I call this buffering.
Are you guilty of buffering? Are you putting off your daily money making activities so that you can feel better or feel more comfortable or not step outside your comfort level into your zone of genius? You want to show the world how magnificent and how amazing you are and how you can change their life.
 If you are doing one or two of those four things, I invite you, I challenge you to stop self-sabotaging today and to recognize that you're doing these things.
Don’t feel bad if you are doing them. It’s totally fine. It's nothing to beat yourself up over. But recognizing and changing from here, moving forward is where you're the biggest changes in your business are going to be. 
How can you move on from self-sabotaging activities and become successful with your business? If you want to talk business, if you recognize one of these four ways that you are self-sabotaging and you need help getting past that fear, getting those perfect clients and scaling your business to your first 100k let's talk. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A FREE CALL WITH ME
You will leave our call with a very clear cut plan. A direction to move your business forward, to start making your first $5,000 each month, your first $8,000 each month or your first $10,000 months. I am here to help you with every step you need to get you to that goal. 

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