5 Reasons Why Your Weight Fluctuates And How You Can Learn To Ignore Them

diet weight loss Feb 21, 2019

Raise your hand if your guilty of this...

You wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy...Wait, what?  LOL . Ok, I'll start over. You wake up feeling great!  You slept really well, your hair is on point, your lashes are amazing, your tummy feels flat and your booty is bangin'!  You decide to step on the scale.  I mean, your feeling so good you must be down at least 5 pound, right?  Nope!  The scale screams back at you a number that is 3 pounds higher than you expected.  Your just a Fatty Mcbutterpants, you will always be a Fatty Mcbutterpants and now the whole day is ruined.  Screw everything you might as well throw on your stretchy pants and get some ice cream because you can't lose weight anyway...

Can you relate?

Don't worry, I am so guilty of this very thing too.

However, I have some good news for you today, so go ahead and put down the spoon because I am about to change your life.  

Weekly weight fluctuations are completely normal and healthy.

Wait. What?

Yes, weight fluctuations are completely normal and should be expected and have a very simple explanation...and none of those explanations are that you are just a "Fatty Mcbutterpants".  

5 Reason Why Your Weight Fluctuates And How You Can Learn To Ignore Them.

(If you don't like to read, go ahead and watch the above video for a full explanation of each of these reasons)

 Reason 1: Digestion.  How long has it been you have had a bowl movement?  Even if you are very regular and went to the bathroom before you stepped on the scale (uhh...doesn't everyone) it doesn't mean that you have completely emptied your system.  It takes between 24-72 hours for your body to completely digest and empty out your food.  You could still be processing food from a few days ago.

Reason 2: Yesterday's Workout:  How hard did you workout yesterday?  Was it particularly hard or intense?  Did you change up your normal routine?  If any of these are true then you are most likely holding onto water and inflammation.  Even if you didn't go extra hard, exercise is always a stressor on our body and will cause some inflammation as the body starts to heal, recover and lay down new muscle.  This is a good thing! This process is all apart of the whole afterburn I talk about all the time (EPOC).  So, be happy for this weight gain, this means you are doing good things!

Reason 3: Yesterdays Diet.  Even if you are eating on point, keeping your blood sugars stable and losing weight, you may be holding onto a little extra water due to yesterday food intake.  Carbohydrates and sodium will cause your body to hold onto water.  Now, I am not saying carbs are bad, but even if you had a little more fruit yesterday than you typically do, you will hold onto more water. This is why those who are coming out of a low carb or ketogenic diet will gain 3 pounds (of scale weight, not fat) the next morning.  Not because they gained fat, but because the carbs and glucose will store more water.

Reason 4: Menstrual Cycle. Where are you in your monthly cycle?  You will carry more weight in the days leading up to, and the first days of, your period. Thank hormone fluctuations and surges for this one but your weight will fluctuate each month according to when you start.  So, while you will weight the most on the days leading up to the first day of your period, you will always weight the least (and feel the sexiest) about 14 days after the first day of your period. This often lines up nicely with the time your ovulating. This is Mother Natures way of making your feel all fantastic and sexy and getting you pregnant!  #notkidding

Reason 5: Weekly Schedule.  We are creatures of habit.  Typically we have a routine that is structured and routine during the week. However, once the weekend rolls around we lose that structure and routine.  Because of that, our workouts and eating habits are usually different then during the week.  This means we will hold onto more scale weight (see reason 1,2 and 3) at the beginning of the week and as the week progresses we even out and the scale weight will start to drop. 

*BONUES* Reason 6: See video above at minute 8:19


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