Don’t think your self sabotaging? If you’re doing any of these, then YOU ARE!

You may not think that you are self sabotaging, but if your engaging in any of these activities, then you are!

Waiting For Everything To Be Perfect Before You Make Your Move

     The first thing is waiting to be perfect.  I want you to know my friend, it is never going to be perfect. You are doing yourself a major disservice if you are waiting for it to be.
It just so happens that I’ve recently been in this situation, like last week. I wrote an ad, and in that ad I misspelled the word “YOU’RE”, instead I use the word “YOUR”. Common mistake, right?
I published the ad and the conversion was amazing. I was converting new leads at .82 cents per lead and I was getting upwards of 10, 20, 30 people converting into my opt-in daily. I didn’t even realize that I had misspelled that word...until one person made a comment about the misspelled word.
I wanted to immediately pull the ad down because I felt embarrassed.  Like,...
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